access the Internet - be able to use or look at websites, navigate websites - move around a website or computer screen, or between websites, video conferencing - talking to people in different places using phone or computer systems:, text - send a message via an app or social network, crash - stop working, browse the Web - look at information on the Internet, digital literacy - ability to find, evaluate, and compose clear information using various digital platforms, surf the Web/ the Internet - spend time visiting a lot of websites, attach - join a file, e.g. a document or picture, to an email, social media - websites and computer programs that allow people to communicate, software - computer programs, install - put a computer program or app onto a device so that the device can use it, instant messengers - apps that allow users to exchange messages with someone using the service at the same time, social networks - websites and applications that allow one to interact with other users,



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