Travelling is ____ nowadays. A lot of people travel to different countries if they have ____. Travelling allows you ____, learn about ____ in other countries and continents. I think it is ____ to discover new things, new places and ____ life. While travelling, you meet new people, try ____, see ____ with your own ____. There are ____of traveling. People travel by train, by plane, by ship or on foot. If you want to visit ____country, you’ll definitely ____ a flight. If your aim is to see some different countries ____, you’ll choose travelling ____. If you want to be ____, you may choose a trip on foot. Lots of people nowadays live in ____. So, it’s natural that they want to have ____with nothing to do ____. There is other sort of travellers. They want to visit ____. So, ____ Europe and North America they go to ____countries. Those people who travel a lot, are ____, they always know ____to tell. Thanks to them you can learn a lot of things which you ____. They motivate to see ____, to explore ____, which is so easy to do nowadays. Any kind of travelling helps you to understand ____ that you would never see or learn ____. As English people say – A picture is worth ____. And I totally agree with them.

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