1) What time do you go to bed in the school holidays? 2) Where did you go for your last holiday? 3) Who is the best teacher in your school? 4) Where were you born? 5) What are you going to do tonight? 6) Where is your family going on holiday this year? 7) What did you watch on TV yesterday> 8) How much homework did you do yesterday? 9) How many times a day do you clean your teeth? 10) How many cinemas are there near your house? 11) What are you going to do this weekend? 12) Which are better - winter or summer holidays? 13) What did you do on your last birthday? 14) How did you come to school today? 15) What subjects did you have yesterday? 16) What is the biggest shop in your city? 17) What time did school start today? 18) What sports are your mum and dad good at? 19) What kind of weather do you like? 20) What do you think is the best sport in the world?



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