1) I think, it _________ tomorrow. a) will rain b) are going to rain c) is going to rain 2) I hope you __________ ill. a) aren't going to be b) won't c) won't be 3) I have a lot of plans for next week. I ____________ time in the countryside.  a) am going to spend b) will spend c) won't spend 4) Take your umbrella or you __________ wet. a) won't get b) are going to get c) will get 5) ____________ me with the dishes? a) Will you help b) Are you going help 6) I ____________ my dentist today, because I have a toothache. a) won't see b) will see c) am going to see 7) When I leave school, I ____________ a scientist. a) will be b) am boing to be c) going to be 8) A: I think the house is on fire. B: I _________ the fire brigade. a) will call b) am going to call c) will to call 9) Watch out! You __________ over. a) will fall b) are going to fall c) are going fall 10) OK, I promise, I _____________ late. a) will be b) won't be c) am not going to be late 11) I can't go to the park this afternoon, I ____________ my grandparents. a) am going to visit b) am visit c) will visit 12) I hope you _______ the food in this restaurant. a) are going to like b) will like c) are going like 13) A: This box is very heavy. B: I ____________ it for you. a) am going to carry b) will to carry c) 'll carry 14) I've bought a birthday present for my friend. I __________ her a table game. a) will give b) am going to give c) am going give 15) A: Do you want to borrow my bike? B: Thanks! I _________ it back tonight. a) will bring b) am going to bring c) am not going to bring



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