1) Sorry. Your clothes __________ yet. a) didn't been ironed b) haven't been ironed c) haven't done iron 2) Film stars love ____________ . a) been photographing b) being photographed c) being photograph 3) ______ in the 1960s? a) Did the house build b) Was the house built c) Was built the house 4) The novel was ___________. a) by Charles Dickens written b) written of Charles Dickens c) written by Charles Dickens 5) The experiment ____________ under strict medical supervision. a) was carrying out b) we carried out c) was carried out 6) Thanks for the medicine. ______ before or after meals? a) Should it be taken b) Should be taken it c) It should take 7) I'm not surprised your camera isn't working. It _____________ out in the rain! a) shouldn't have left b) shouldn't have been left c) shouldn't to be left 8) Mrs Osbourne _________ once a month. a) her hair coloured b) has coloured her hair c) has her hair coloured 9) The painting ______ worth at least fifty million dollars. a) is thought to be b) it is thought to be c) is thought being 10) The ancient Romans ______ central heating. a) are believed to invent b) are believed to have invented c) are believed have invented 11) I _______ serviced next week. a) am being the car b) am having the car c) have done the car 12) David ______________________. a) a car was given by his uncle b) to his uncle was given a car c) was given a car by his uncle

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