Have you ever____(wear) something only once? What? What____ you (wear)?, Have you ever_____(be) to a fashion show? Where? ___ you (enjoy) it?, Have you ever________(dance) in very uncomfortable shoes? Where? What______(happen)?, Have you ever______(wear) a carnival costume? When? What____ you (wear)?, Have you ever_____(meet) someone who was wearing the same clothes as you? When? How____you (feel)?, Have you ever_____(buy) something and never worn it? What? Where______you (buy) it?, Have you ever_____(ruin) clothes in the washing machine? What? What (happen)?, Have you ever____(have) an argument with your family about clothes? What____you (argue) about?, Have you ever____(buy) something online and had a problem with it? What was it? What____you (do)?, Have you ever_____(take) anything to a shop without the receipt? ____ they (change) it?, Have you ever______(lose) a bank card? Where____ you (lose) it? ____ you (get) it back?, Have you ever_____(have) an argument with a shop assistant? What was it about?, Have you ever____(get) a present you didn't like? What present_____you (get)? What____ you (do) with it?, Have you ever_____(do) an extreme sport? What____ you (do)? ____ you (enjoy) it?, Have you ever_____(study) a foreign language apart from English? What language_____you (study)?, Have you ever_____(live) abroad for more than 6 months? Where_____you (live)?, Have you______(done) volunteer work? What? How long_____you (do) it for? , Have you ever______(forget) somebody's birthday? Whose birthday_____(be) it?, Have you ever______(adopt) an anumal? What animal____ you (adopt)?, Have you ever_______(lock) yourself out of your flat, car or house? How long____ you (have) to wait?, Have you ever______(complain) in a restaurant or a hotel? What_______you (complain) about?.

4B Present Perfect vs. Past Simple Speaking



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