1) The Louvre in Paris is ___________ enormous. a) very b) absolutely 2) After they'd played football, the boys were ____________ filthy. a) absolutely b) very 3) The food in this restaurant was ________ tasty. a) absolutely b) very 4) The film we went to see last night was ___________ awful. a) absolutely b) very 5) Don't go out without any sun cream on, it's ____________ boiling out there. a) quite b) absolutely 6) I've been working all day. I'm _______ tired. a) absolutely b) very 7) Your car is _____ filthy ! Why don't you wash It? a) absolutely b) very 8) When will the lunch be ready? We are __________ hungry. a) rather b) totally 9) Is the floor _________ dirty? a) very b) absolutely 10) Look at your face!! It's __________ filthy! a) very b) absolutely



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