1) My dad is very easily persuaded. I can get him to do whatever I want (soft). 2) Our new neighbor is very reserved and unfriendly. (fish) 3) My uncle can be a bit impatient, but he's got a very kind personality. (heart) 4) Ryan looks quite aggressive at times, but actually he is very kind and gentle. (fly) 5) That customer is really annoying - he's always calling to complain. (neck) 6) My grandfather got angry very easily, so we always did as he said. (quick) 7) We're going to miss Kate. She was always such a laugh. (party) 8) My sister-in-law didn't make any effort to help clear up after dinner. (finger) 9) I can't stand our new boss - she's so sure of her own importance. (full) 10) My parents are very sensible and practical, they have no pretensions. (earth)

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