in our day-to-day - lives, our decision - on what to buy, are based - on taste, quality and price, the decisions we - make, those decisions have a significant - impact, working and living - conditions, earn very little money - from selling coffee beans, little - to no, influence - on pricing of the product, this is due - to speculation on financial markets, farmers are powerless - in the face of the free market, there are many advantages - to the Fairtrade system, negotiate - prices, learn from - each other, through constant - exchange of information, it is up - to the farmers, switching - to organic farming, having a stable - income, drastically improve - the whole family's opportunities, minimize - risk of exploitative child labour, the environment benefits - from Fairtrade, genetically-... - ...-modified organisms, follow the - requirements of the Fairtrade standards, have a 50% - say in all key decisions, all key - decisions made, monitor that the standards - are met, change lives - for millions of farmers, for - sale,



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