1) What's this? a) go b) go upstairs c) run 2) How Jane scaries the giant? a) Look at me. I'm a ghost. b) Look at me. I'm a toast. c) Look at me. I'm a coast. 3) Giant has got a big _____, long _____ and a big feet. a) nose/legs b) eyes/nose c) head/ arms 4) The girl ... a) is hiding. b) is riding. c) is reading. 5) We ____ __________ green trousers. a) am wearing. b) are wearing. c) is wearing. 6) What's the phrase? a) I've got a good idea. b) That's a terrible noise. c) I'm tired. 7) Correct answer: Are you reading? a) Yes, you are. b) Yes, they are. c) Yes, we are. The book is interesting.

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