Last week, you lost your passport at the airport and couldn't board the plane to go on holiday., Last week, you parked your car on the high street but didn't see the 'No parking' sign and received a parking fine., Last week, you injured your neck in a car accident because you weren't wearing a seatbelt., Last week, you took a taxi from the airport to the city centre. You found out later that the bus was a lot quicker and cheaper., Last week, you quickly paid the bill at a restaurant and later discovered the restaurant had overcharged you., Last week, you forgot to water your plants and they died., Last week, you became sick because you didn't take an umbrella when it was raining outside., Last week, you had a fight and got a black eye., Last week, you had a good idea for a new product and got promoted., Last week, you were invited to a party. At the party, you met your favourite actor., Last week, you didn't make an appointment with the dentist and later you had a terrible toothache., Last week, you found $200 in the street and bought a new mobile phone., Last week, you ate some undercooked chicken and had food poisoning., 1 If you ______ a day off last week, what _______ instead? (take, do), 2 How_____ your childhood______ different if you ______ born in 1940? (be,be), 3 What_________ if you______ a friend shoplifting yesterday? (do, witness), 4 If your English teacher_____ you too highly on the last test accidentally, ______ him/her? (mark, tell), 5 How______ last weekend if your parents _______ you? (spend, ground), 6 If you ______ €20 in the street on your way to school this morning, ______ it up? (see, pick), 7 If you ________ your own name, what _______ yourself? (choose, call), 8 Where ________on holiday last summer if you ______ the chance to go anywhere? (go, have).

Third conditional Speaking practice



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