1) If I________free on Saturday, I´ll help you with the painting a) was b) am c) were 2) If Harry ____________want to come to the party,I´m not going either. a) doesn´t b) won´t c) didn´t 3) If I __________you, I´d put the desk by the window. a) am b) was c) were 4) If our friends______________on holiday with us,we would have had a great time! a) have come b) had come c) came 5) Mum and dad ____________________ that lovely house if it had been cheaper. a) will bought b) had bought c) would have bought 6) Unless we work quickly, we ______________ the house finished until next year. a) get b) won´t get c) will get 7) If I hadn´t got up late on the day of the excursion, I________________________my mobile at home a) wouldn´t have left b) had left c) would leave 8) We __________________ the village in twenty minutes if we walk quickly. a) will reach b) would reach c) reach 9) I ______________ all my friends to live with me if I lived in a castle! a) brought b) 'll bring c) 'd bring 10) How ________________if you lived on the thirtieth floor? a) would you feel b) will you live c) do you feel 11) There isn´t room for those new books if our house _________ small a) was b) will be c) is 12) If the weather had been good,they _____________________ for a picnic. a) would go b) could have gone c) would had gone

First, second or third conditional?



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