1) Customers not paying on time often leads to _______ problems. a) cashflow b) equity c) asset 2) Our state-of-the art machinery is our major _______ a) possession b) asset c) equity 3) The _______ rate on the loan was 12%. a) fee b) charge c) interest 4) They could not pay their debts and faced _______ a) bankruptcy b) warranty c) overpayment 5) The finance a company raises from issuing shares rather than taking out loans is known as _______ capital. a) equity b) dividend c) stock 6) Money lent to start-up businesses is known as risk or _______ capital. a) share b) venture c) working 7) A _______ statement is a summary of the profit or loss of a company. a) P&A b) P&L c) A&L 8) Being _________ means you are in credit. a) in the red b) in the black 9) A _______ owes money. a) debtor b) creditor 10) A/ an________ payment is part of a profit paid to shareholders. a) interest b) dividend 11) _________ is the amount of debt that must be paid by a company. a) Assets b) Liabilities 12) A/ an ________ is the amount of profit made on an investment. a) overdraft b) return

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