1) I usually ___ my homework after dinner. a) have b) do c) get 2) Do you ___ a shower every morning? a) get b) go c) have 3) When do you usually ___ your friends? a) see b) get c) have 4) I often ___ up late at the weekend. a) go b) get c) do 5) We always ___ dinner at eight o'clock. a) go b) have c) get up 6) We don't ____ school on Sunday. a) go b) go at c) go to 7) He sometimes ____ the dishwasher in the morning. a) load b) loads c) loading 8) Mila ____ ____ to music late at night. a) don't listens b) doesn't listens c) doesn't listen d) don't listen 9) _____ Polina _______ her dog every weekend? a) Do / walk b) Does / walks c) Does / walking d) Does / walk 10) Mila and Polina _____ _______ in on Mondays. a) doesn't sleep b) don't sleeps c) don't sleep d) doesn't sleeping




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