The rise of the popularity of golf in South Korea shows no sign of ____. The country is now the world's third largest market for golf, and Korean golfers spend more ____ on golf equipment and ____ than people in any other country. A new phenomenon is taking off in Korea to reflect the ever-increasing popularity of the game. Golf clubs are opening after dark to allow more people to play the game. The concept has been ____ "white night" golf. It allows Korea's ____ golfers more opportunities to get their clubs out. It can be difficult to secure a round of golf in Korea. There is a ____ of courses in metropolitan areas. The capital city of Seoul has just one ____ and is limited to use by ____ personnel. There are as many as 117 golf courses of 18 holes or more that currently offer night games. White night golf may result in South Korea's golfers ____ more success on the international stage, especially in the women's game. The SeoulSisters website states that: "As of last week, 32 of the top 100 players in the women's world ____, including 4 of the top 10, were from South Korea." A Korean woman has won at least one golf major every season since 2010. Korea's ____ Pak Se-ri won the 1998 US Open aged 20 in her ____ season. She may have been a white night ____. It is reported her father made her practice her swing near ____ at night to toughen her up.



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