1) Choose Past Continuous a) was running b) have been working c) have eaten d) is being watched 2) Choose Past Perfect a) have inspired b) had been doing c) had lost d) has been found 3) Choose Past Simple a) is built b) played c) buyed d) studyed 4) Find a mistake a) She were playing with the dog. b) My friends have passed the exam. c) We were travelling fast. d) He finished using his computer. 5) What do we use to talk about events 1,2,3? a) past perfect, past simple, past simple b) only past simple c) past simple, past simple, past perfect d) only past perfect 6) What do we use to talk about event 4? a) past simple b) past perfect c) past continuous d) present perfect 7) What do we use to talk about situation 2 (purple)? a) past perfect b) present perfect continuous c) past simple d) past continuous 8) I fell asleep while I ...... the film. a) have been watching b) watched c) was watching d) had watched 9) The girl was crying because she ...... her plane. a) had missed b) missed c) has missed d) misses 10) As I ....... my bike to school this morning, I ..... an accident. a) was riding; saw b) was riding; was seeing c) rode; was seeing d) rode; saw



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