What do you think of our weather? - It’s really pleasant today., What was the weather like in Manchester? - It was snowy and a bit windy., What’s your favourite kind of weather? - I prefer the winter since I like skiing and snowboarding., Have you heard the forecast for this weekend? - It will be cool and rainy., What kind of weather don’t you like? - Well, I really don’t like hot weather. It’s very uncomfortable and makes me feel tired., How was the drive from the airport? - There was no problem on the motorway. Fortunately, I didn’t get stuck in any traffic jams., Did you have a good flight? - We had some turbulence but the pilot got through it just fine., How was your train journey yesterday? - It arrived on time with no delays., Did you have any problems finding us? - No, your directions were fine. They worked well with the navigation system in my car. , How was the service on Star Airways? - The flight attendants were really great., Where are you staying while you’re here? - I’ve got a room at the Hotel Plaza., Are you satisfied with your hotel? - Oh, yes definitely. The service at the reception desk was friendly and helpful., Do you have a room with a view? - Yes, it overlooks Hyde Park. It’s just lovely., Is the hotel in a good location? - Yes, it’s in the pedestrian zone with lots of shops, restaurants and pubs, How’s the breakfast buffet? - Absolutely delicious! They offer just about anything you want to eat.,

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