1) "To put it ______, he's a fool, and he never deserved you." B: "Well, don't mince words, Mom." a) simply b) in a nutshell c) in words d) basically 2) The film was, in _____, dull. a) words b) brief c) all d) few words 3) He wanted to be a doctor but, to ____ a long ____ short, he ended up as a pharmacist. a) make ... tale b) make ... story c) cut ... story d) cut ... tale e) cut ... history 4) All __ all, I think you've done very well. a) of b) about c) with d) to e) in f) on 5) He was economical with the truth – in ________, he lied. a) another words b) different words c) simple words d) other words e) brief 6) I think the party was great, all things ______ - I mean we didn't have much time to get ready, but it still went well. a) accounted b) thought about c) basically d) summing up e) considered 7) "What went wrong?" "In a _______, everything." a) nutshell b) short c) simply d) other words 8) What I _________ is that she has all the qualities you would want in a spouse: somebody who is successful, who cheers you on, understands you, cares about you, supports you, who's honest with you. a) meant by that b) put simply c) sum up d) cut a long story short



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