To change the direction of the conversation but link it with what has just been said - I think Harry has the same shirt... Speaking of Harry, did he get the job he applied for?, To introduce unexpected or surprising information - - Did you see the match last night? - No - actually / in fact / as a matter of fact, I don't like football, To come back to a previous subject after being interrupted - As I was saying, if Mark get the job, we'll have to reorganize the department, To generalize - On the whole, I think that women make better journalists than men, To show that you're taking everything into consideration - I like both flats but all in all I think I prefer the one next to the cathedral, To introduce the idea that what you said before is less important than what you're about to say, or to return to the original subject after a digression - We didn't go away at the weekend because I had too much work. In any case / Anyway the way was awful so we didn't miss anything, To introduce something you have just thought of, or to change the subject. - So let's meet at five o'clock. By the way / Incidentally, could you possibly lend me some money?, To introduce the most important or fundamental point - Basically, he was just a show-off, To say something again in a different way - A lot of people booed and some even left early. In other words, it was a complete disaster,



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