1) I have a job interview in English next week. I really want the job. How should I prepare for it? 2) I want to be fitter, but I don’t really like going to the gym. What should I do? 3) Some friends are coming to dinner and I don’t have time to cook. What should I do? 4) Another company has offered me a job. The salary is lower than my present job, but the work is much more interesting. What should I do?  5) I had an argument with my best friend yesterday. It was my fault. Now she’s not talking to me. What should I do? 6) I don’t like my brother’s new girlfriend, but he is very happy with her. What should I say to him? 7) I want to buy a present for my grandmother. She’s 90 and she likes reading, travelling and classical music. What should I buy?  8) I want to learn another foreign language so I can get a good job. Which one should I learn? 9) I’d like to learn to play a musical instrument. Which one should I choose? 10) My family wants to get a pet. We have a small house and we’re all very busy. What kind of pet should we get? 11) I have two tickets for a concert. My dad and my sister really like the band and want to come with me. Who should I take to the concert?  12) I’m really bad with money. I always spend more than I have, especially when I go out. What should I do?  13) My friend wants to be a singer, but I don’t think he sings very well. What should I say to him? 14) My cousin is coming to visit me. He’s allergic to cats and I have a cat. What should I do?




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