Smoking has been ____ in all public places. The examiner asked the students to ____ writing and put down their pens. The government has taken strict measures to ____ accidents on motorways. I take these pills to ____ getting seasick while travelling by boat. For reasons of hygiene, animals are ____ to enter hospitals. She tried to ____ her husband from informing the authorities. She was lucky to ____ a conviction for shoplifting. The police ____ Mr Jones and ____ him with assault. Despite the student's protests, the teacher ____ her of cheating. The man was ____ of murder and ____ to 20 years in prison. Don't ____ us for the broken window, we weren't playing football this morning. Much to our ____, we had to wait for over an hour to purchase the tickets. Despite the media hype, the concert was a real ____. I wish to make a(n) ____ about the quality of the food. Don't make false ____ when you don't have proof. A stray dog ____ me home today and I'm thinking of keeping it. My brother and I used to ____ each other around the house when we were young. Police have been ____ the terrorists for weeks now but still haven't found them. He wanted to ____ a career in engineering. John has to find a good ____ for being late, otherwise he'll get into trouble. The ____ of the meeting is to discuss next year's plans. If you can't attend it, you must have a good ____, as the ____ is to get everybody's opinion The carelessness of the driver was the ____ of the fatal accident.

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