1) When we got to Terminal 2, the flight from London ... a) had already landed b) had already been landing c) already landed 2) As soon as we arrived at the airport, we ... a) had checked in b) were checking in c) checked in 3) We ... for about an hour when suddenly the plane began to lose height. a) had been flying b) were flying c) flew 4) It was ... boring film that we left in the middle of it. a) so b) such a c) such 5) Nico's father ... a) speaks English fluently b) speaks English fluent c) speaks fluently English 6) ... I just need another five minutes. a) I've finished nearly b) Nearly I've finished c) I've nearly finished 7) The driver ... in the accident. a) seriously was injured b) was injured seriously c) was seriously injured 8) The car ... 50,000 km -we'll need to get it serviced. a) will soon have done b) will soon do c) will soon be doing 9) You can watch TV as soon as ... your homework. a) you'll finish b) you're finishing c) you've finished 10) If the tickets cost more than 100 euros, ... a) I don't go b) I'm not going to go c) I won't have gone



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