1) She decided to go to ____ top of ___ Eiffel Tower to take photos of _____city. a) the, the, the b) a, the, the c) the, a, the d) the, - , a 2) We went to _____ wedding, but we couldn’t park near ____ church, so we had to walk for ten minutes to get there. a) -, the b) the, a c) a, the d) the, - 3) I know ___ Eskimo. He lives in ___ igloo near ___ Arctic Circle. a) a, an, the b) an, an, the c) an, an, - d) -, an, the 4) El Paso is on ____ border of - Mexico and ____ United States. a) the, - b) - , the c) a, the d) the, the 5) I met ___ Queen of - England when I was in ____ UK. a) the, the b) a, the c) - , the d) the, - 6) The man was sent to ____ prison for robbing _____ convenience store in _____ Philippines. a) a, the, the b) the, a, - c) -, a, the d) -, the, - 7) My sister stayed at ____ Ritz Hotel for her honeymoon. a) - b) the c) an d) a 8) ____ River Nile in Egypt flows into ____ Mediterranean Sea. a) - , the b) a, the c) the, - d) the, the 9) The population of ___ United Kingdom is approximately 65 million. a) - b) the c) a d) an 10) There are two bedrooms, one with ____ double bed and one with ____ single bed. ____ windows of ___ large bedroom look onto ___ small garden. a) the, a, the, a, the b) a, the, a, the, the c) a, a, the, the, a d) a, the, the, the, a



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