1) Her / His name is Marco. He’s Italian. a) His b) Her 2) They / Their mother isn’t from Scotland. a) They b) Their 3) Are / Is Jimmy and Tony from America? a) Is b) Are 4) ________ Magda your teacher? a) is b) are c) am 5) The food isn’t Thai. ________ ’s Chinese. a) it's b) it c) its 6) Is John in your class?’ ‘No, ________ isn’t.’ a) she b) her c) he 7) Leo, please close __________ book. a) your b) you’re c) you 8) They’re teachers. __________ names are Sam and Anna. a) His b) Her c) Their 9) forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine, ... a) sixty b) fifty c) seventy 10) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, ... a) Wednesday b) Friday c) Thursday 11) fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, ... a) thirty-five b) thirteen c) thirty 12) My name’s Deniz. I ________ from Turkey. a) 'm b) is c) are 13) Your book .... very interesting a) is b) are c) it's



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