1) Penny loves ... museums. a) visiting b) visit 2) Jane isn’t used to ... early in the morning. a) getting up b) get up 3) Nikos agreed ... my old laptop. a) buy b) to buy 4) ... keeps you fit. a) Swimming b) To swim 5) They decided ... their old car. a) selling b) to sell 6) I’m busy ... my homework at the moment. a) to do b) doing 7) His teacher made him ... for his bad behaviour. a) apologise b) to apologise 8) The boys went ... in the woods yesterday a) hiking b) to hike 9) His parents let him ... to the party. a) to go b) go 10) Joan spent all day ... . a) to shop b) shopping 11) I’d love ... India one day. a) to visit b) visiting

Starlight 7 Grammar. Infinitive/ -ing form (R-up 4)

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