1.My sister and I are very ____ - she's got blond hair but I've got dark. 2.In the bathroom we've got a big ____ mirror. 3.I can ____ Google Translate if I don't understand a sentence 4.In Eurovision there are lots of ____ - they're all famous singers. 5.I love taking part in sport ____, but I never win. 6.To climb ____ of the mount Everest you have to be very strong 1.I made a pretty cake for mum's birthday - it's got strawberries ____. 2.Olympic games is a ____ where lots of people do different sports. 3. Now most of the ____ are bloggers - you can watch them on youtube and they're very famous! 4. I can't ____ my phone - the battery died 5. Some hamsters are so fat that they're ____ like a pancake! 6. Every day I have ____ breakfast - on Monday I had eggs and toast, on Tuesday - some cereal, on Wednesday - just a cup of tea

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