1) I ________ my exam. I am not happy about that! a) has failed b) fails c) have failed d) am failing 2) My friend often __ his grandparents. a) is visiting b) visits c) visit d) is visitting 3) The Smiths ___ very nice people! I like them so much! a) are being b) is being c) are d) is 4) As far as I know this game __ at 5 o'clock. a) starts b) start c) is starting d) starting 5) Jack ___ this book for 2 years. a) writes b) is writing c) has written d) has been writing 6) Come to us! We __ dinner soon! a) are having b) is having c) have d) has 7) Kate's eyes are so red! She ___ in front of the computer for 4 hours! a) sits b) is sitting c) has sat d) has been sitting 8) l often ___ to the dacha. I like to spend time there. a) go b) am going c) have gone d) have been going 9) Kate wants to keep fit, that’s why she ___ not to eat much at the moment. a) is trying b) is triing c) tries d) trys 10) The sun __ in the East. a) rises b) is rising c) has risen d) has been rising 11) They____ for several hours. They need a rest. a) work b) are working c) have worked d) have been working 12) Don’t disturb him. He ___ an essay. a) writes b) is writing c) has written d) has been writing 13) He _____ a car. Now he can drive to work. a) buys b) is buying c) has bought d) has been buying 14) His granny __ ! I’m tired of this! a) always complaining b) always complains c) always complain d) is always complaining

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