Apologising: I'm really sorry that (this is such short notice)., I'm really sorry. I'm afraid (I forgot to...), I'm sorry about (last Saturday)., I'm sorry for (not being more sympathetic). , (Please) don't be mad (at me)/don't kill me., I cannot say/express how sorry I am. , I apologize (wholeheartedly / unreservedly)., I know it was wrong (of me) (to...), Giving reasongs for your actions or being self-critical: I didn't realise (it was today)., I had no idea (the other actor would be this late)., I thought (you knew each other) for some reason., I didn't mean to (hit you)., (I now realise that/I know) I shouldn't have (done that)., I can't believe (I shouted at you)., Responding to an apology: Don't worry about it., No need to apologise., Oh, that's alright., Never mind., It doesn't matter., Forget about it.,

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