In ____, boarding schools are exciting places, often with magic or monsters. But what is a ____ British boarding school like? Thirteen-year-old Laura Henderson describes a ____ day at her school. I go to a boarding school because my parents live in France. Do I ____ them? Yes, but I’ve got ____ good friends here.And no, we ____ have any magic or monsters!” “We wake up at 6.30 in the morning and have breakfast in the school ____. At 8.00, the ____ rings for ____ in the hall. The ____ thing ____ boarding school is that ____ never late for school! Lessons start ____ 9.00 and finish at 3.30. My favourite lesson is ____ because we often ____ experiments. In ____ afternoon, we sometimes go to the ____ to read, or we do P.E. in the ____. In the ____, I often ____ badminton or go to a ____ class.

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