1) We throw__________too much rubbish a) out b) away c) off 2) we need to come ______with new ways to recycle unnecessary things a) up b) out c) on 3) if we cut _______too many trees, it can cause the problems for the environment a) off b) out c) down 4) Our government needs to invest money ___________renewable energy sources a) on b) in c) out 5) Due to wildfire, a lot of animals and plants are dying ____________ a) out b) off c) down 6) If we don't look ________the environment, we won't have a good life in the future. a) in b) up c) after 7) We're going to run _______ ____ natural resources a) up with b) out of c) out off

Phrasal verbs Gateway B1 unit 6

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