I've been typing letters since 9 o'clock. - to put emphasis on duration, usually with for, since or how long, James has bought a new car. - for actions which happened at an unstated time, They have made a lot of biscuits. (The biscuits are on the plate, so the action has finished). - for actions recently completed, I've only typed three letters since 9 o'clock. - to put emphasis on number, I've lost a lot of weight. - to express personal experiences or changes which have happened, They have been making biscuits since 11 o'clock. (They are still making biscuits). - for actions which started in the pst and continue up to the present, Who has been reading my business papers? (showing anger) - to express irritation, anger, annoyance or criticism, Bob is very tired. He has been working all day long. - for past actions of certain duration which have visible results or effects in the present ,

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