1) I ______ tennis every week. a) plays b) am playing c) playing d) play 2) The children _____ lunch now. a) eat b) eats c) are eating d) is eating 3) Maria _______ her bedroom every Saturday. a) clean b) is cleaning c) are cleaning d) cleans 4) We __________ TV at the moment. a) watch b) are watcing c) is watching d) watches 5) He _______ to school every day. a) goes b) going c) is going d) go 6) I ______ a book now. a) reads b) is reading c) read d) am reading 7) They _________ their bikes now. a) is riding b) are riding c) ride d) rides 8) She __________ to the music at the moment. a) listens b) are listening c) is listening d) listen

Present Simple vs Present Continuous affirmative



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