Why have you been putting your nose in my business? - to express IRRITATION, ANGER, ANNOYANCE, explanation or criticism, Camilla has done her homework. She is free to watch her favourite film. - for actions RECENTLY COMPLETED, They have been cleaning the house since morning. (They are still cleaning it) - for actions which STARTED in the PAST and CONTINUE up to the PRESENT, Stephen has drawn a picture. - for actions which happened at an UNSTATED TIME, We have sung only 2 songs since morning. - to put emphasis on NUMBER, I have been to Paris this summer. - to express PERSONAL EXPERIENCE or changes which have happened, Samira looks sad, her eyes are red. She has been crying all night. - for actions of certain DURATION which have VISIBLE RESULTS OR EFFECTS, in the present, He has been living abroad for 5 years. - to put emphasis on DURATION, usually with FOR, SINCE or HOW LONG.,

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