-Oh, no! There is a hole in my bag!- Mum, this bag is ____ than I am! I think you need a new ____. -You are right, but you know I hate ____, dear! Let's go! Bye, boys! - Bye! ____! -____ buy Gran a new bag for her birthday! -Good ____! Women's bag... ____! -How ____ the yellow one? - It doesn't ____ big. Gran likes big bags. And it's 100 pounds. - I like the red bag too. It's ____ and bigger than the yellow one. -It's 80 pounds! We've ____got 50 pounds! - Hmm... Let's try ____site. - The green one is the ____! It's the most ____ and the cheapest too. Only 25 pounds! - I ____.

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