1. It's difficult, but ____ impossible.2. But only if you know the market well enough to ____. 3. After they got their first profit, they ____ within the family. 4. Now, three months ____, we’re beginning to see the problems with the project. 5. The court decided to ____ her fine as it was her first offence. 1. The regulations ____ that everything has to comply to the relevant safety standards.2. They ____ a list of suitable candidates for the job. 3. Very few people have a career of great ____ 4. Family firms combine all the ____ of family life. 5. ____ a lack of trust among the family member. 1. Large areas of the city were ____ during World War II. 2. Tourists crowd the gift shops to buy ____ products at high prices. 3. One of the prime differences between the systems is in the practicalities of ____. 4. Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI have been increasingly outspoken in their opposition to ____ encryption. 5. I'm ____ of the fact that your client has tried to pay the debt.

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