The ____ national holiday in our country is Victory Day. Do you know that man? I work with ____. My hair ____ dark. There were a lot of ____ next to the park. This is the ____ meal I've ever eaten. If it ____ tomorrow, we won't stay at home. Listen! Who ____ in the nest room? Mike ____ school in 1999. ____ from Tom recently? Where is Tom? ____ him? Hard beds are ____ than soft ones. I'm very hungry! I ____ anything today. When I left home yesterday, the snow ____. You ____ basketball for already 3 hours. Go home and have dinner! Melons ____ in the south of France. Rugby ____ since 1845. If I were you, I ____ a new suit. This film is worth ____ together with children. Would you like ____ more mineral water? Your jeans ____ on that chair. A few ____ lived in the dark hole. They enjoyed ____ that famous play in the theatre. This is the ____ film I've ever seen. They ____ to the cinema last week. She is very glad: she ____ her essay at last. These books ____ two dayd ago. If I am not busy, I ____ you. He said that he ____ back soon. You should give up ____! It ____ this week. The police ____ looking for the murderer. I'm very tired! I ____ all day. If he ____, I will let you know. Yesterday by 8 pm he ____ all his work. Yesterday I came home very ____.

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