1) DO YOU SEE ________? a) I b) ME c) THEY 2) I CAN WAIT FOR ______, MR PARKS! a) SHE b) ME c) YOU 3) WE ALWAYS TALK TO _______ a) HIM b) HE c) WE 4) A WOLF! DON'T TOUCH ______ a) HER b) ME c) IT 5) CAN YOU SEE ________? a) HE b) THEY c) THEM 6) ARE THOSE TICKETS FOR _______? a) US b) WE c) SHE 7) WE HELP ________ WITH HER HOMEWORK a) HER b) HIM c) IT 8) MARY, LUCY! WHERE ARE ________? a) THEY b) YOU c) US 9) DOES _____LIKE RAP? a) I b) HE c) WE 10) MY COUSINS ARE SPANISH. ________ ARE FROM GRANADA. a) THEY b) US c) WE 11) MY MUM IS A TEACHER. ASK _______ FOR HELP. a) HIM b) HER c) ME 12) HE'S YOUR TEACHER. LISTEN TO _________. a) HIM b) HER c) ME 13) WE'RE FROM PARIS. TELL ________ ABOUT LONDON. a) HIM b) HER c) US 14) I'M HERE. SIT NEXT TO _______. a) HIM b) HER c) ME 15) LOOK AT THE BIRDS! LISTEN TO ________ a) THEM b) US c) HER 16) WHERE'S MY BOOK? I CAN'T SEE _______. a) THEM b) IT c) HER 17) WE ARE GREAT DANCERS. LOOK AT ________. a) WE b) US c) THEM 18) SHE IS A FANTASTIC SINGER. LISTEN TO _________. a) ME b) SHE c) HER 19) Is this ___ bag? a) you b) your c) yours 20) ___ sisters are teachers. a) My b) I c) There 21) This isn't Mum's car. ___ car is blue. a) She b) Hers c) Her 22) I've got two friends. ____ names are Tallie and Otis. a) They b) Theis c) Their 23) This is our cat. ____ name is Fluffy. a) It b) Its c) My 24) I've got one brother. ____ name is Derek. a) His b) He c) Him 25) ____ new neighbours are very nice. a) Our b) We c) Them



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