Why do todays teenagers use the Internet so much: It allows teens to watch movies and the latest videos., Teens can play games, listen to music, keep in touch with friends - all in one place. , The Internet is a perfect platform where teens can make new friends., The Net allows to get all kinds of advice and support. , It's a great recource to discover something new. , It's a good platform to do some school research. , How does the Internet make long-distance communication easier?: The Internet offers a great number of ways to communicate through messages, networks and emails., The Net gives a chance not only to hear but to see each other by using such platforms like Skype and Zoom., What dangers can teenagers face by using the Internet?: They can suffer from syber bulling (nasty or agressive messages)., They can lose their personnal information., They can post something that can embarass them later., They can meet with strangers., They can waste their time by spending lots of time in the Net. , What educational opportunities does the Internet offer to people?: The Internet allows people to attend public libraries all over the world., People can take online courses and get new skills., Educational online platforms such as Coursera or Geek Brains give people a chance to get new qualifications and jobs., By using the Net, students have a chance to take part in olimpiads, webinars, lectures.,



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