I don't like _______the ironing, She's very untidy. She never __________ away her clothes., Shhh, don't _________ a noise. The baby's asleep., My mother _________the washing on Mondays., When I was little, I always _________my bed before I went to school., Can you _________ the shopping for me, please?, Please _________ the table! We're eating in five minutes., How often do you _______ exercise?, My children have _________ a lot of friends at their new school., I broke a glass while I was ______ the washing-up., I ______the mistake of telling her my secret, Do you like ______ plans for the future?, It's my job to ________ out the rubbish at night., When was the last time you _______an exam?, You've left your towel on the floor. Please _________ it up., Can I borrow your phone. I need to _______ a call..

Housework + Make or do verbs NEF pre-inter




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