Do you often ride a bike?, Who vacuums the carpet in your family?, When do you usually get up?, Why are trees important?, What do you think your mother (father, sister) is doing at the moment?, is the sun shining?, Did you go camping ? What did you take with you?, Is your best friend taller than you?, Which is the hardest lesson at school for you?, What time are you going to get up tomorrow morning?, What are you going to do at the weekend?, Do you have to clean your bedroom every day?, What are you good at?, What are keen on?, Have you ever eaten Japanese food?, Have you ever found some valuable jewellery in the street?, Have you ever travelled in a horse –drawn carriage?, Should you quarrel with your friend?, Should you watch television a lot?, What do you know about William Shakespeare?, Where in London can you find Luciano Pavorotti, Mel Gibson?, What are you going to do in the summer?, What is the longest mountain range in the world?, Who’s the worst (best) singer in your family?, Does your best friend often visit you?, Which subject is easier for you – Maths or English?, How many continents are there on our planet?, What is the hottest place on our planet?, Was there a lot of traffic in Piccadilly in 1900?, Do you often go to the ice rink?.



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