basin - At the top of the volcano is a _________ where the lava escapes from., fainthearted - Margaret is so brave she could never be described as __________., recall - Granddad likes to __________ how he spent his youth., panoramic - From the top of the London Eye you get a __________ view of the city., unfolds - As the story ________ the plot gets more complicated., bleak - The mountain top was __________ and inhospitable., symbolises - A white dove ___________ peace., suspense - Agatha Christie detective stories keep readers in __________ as to who did the crime., henchmen - The gangster was surrounded by his _________ who protected him., hinder - The injury will __________ the athlete’s chances of winning., humiliation - The __________ of having to admit what he had done showed on his face., obsession - Peter has an unhealthy _________ with his weight., persistence - Gavin never gives up, he is known for his __________., assesses - My teacher __________ our progress every week with a test., terrain - His new walking boots were ideal for the rocky ________.,

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