1) Technology has opened up the world to us but at the same time made it smaller. 2) I think students are under a lot more pressure these days than in the past. 3) In ten years’ time no school child will have face-to-face lessons with a teacher, will they? 4) Given the choice, I’d rather gain personal satisfaction from my job than money. How about you? 5) Would you say that being a doctor is more stressful than being a teacher? 6) I prefer the idea of working with nature to working in an office. It’s so much healthier, isn’t it? 7) Team sports are more useful than individual ones but they’re not as fun, are they? 8) In the future, I reckon all university students will study from home. 9) Participating in actual sports is much healthier than playing computer games. 10) If people had more free time they would be able to exercise more and be healthier. 11) If I could have a pet, I would rather have a cat than a dog.What about you? 12) For long-distance journeys, I think flying is the most comfortable way to travel by far. 13) Do young people in your country tend to have more indoor hobbies than outdoor ones these days? 14) If teenagers have a part-time job, they learn the value of money early on in life. 15) Would you say that people communicate more or less effectively these days? 16) Do you think most jobs rely on computers these days?

What are you going to say? Collaborative phrases trainig CAE cards

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