1) This film isn’t interesting. I feel ... a) bored b) depressed 2) I have just run a marathon. I feel ... a) furious b) exhausted 3) I am ... Mum is angry with me. She thinks I broke the remote control, but it wasn’t me. a) disappointed b) upset 4) All my mates passed the exam, but I failed. I feel ... a) exhausted b) depressed 5) My friend didn’t tell me the truth. I’m ... with her! a) furious b) jealous 6) I am ... I only got the second prize in the competition. a) disappointed b) terrified 7) I am ... My sister borrowed my T-shirt and she didn’t ask me. a) embarrassed b) annoyed 8) I wanted to play in the team, but they chose John. I feel a bit ... a) jealous b) exhausted 9) The ghost story was scary, the night was dark and I was ... a) terrified b) disappointed 10) The boys in my class laugh at my clothes. I feel ... a) exhausted b) embarrassed

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