1) I think she ____ her exams easily/ a) will pass b) is going to pass c) passes d) is passing 2) I ____ the dog for a walk, Mum! a) will take b) am going to take c) take d) am taking 3) We ____ the game, I promise. a) won't miss b) aren't going to miss c) don't miss d) aren't missing 4) I hope she ____ better soon/ a) will get b) is going to get  c) gets d) is getting 5) Mum, dad suggest___ bicycles in the park/ a) will ride b) is riding c) riding d) is going to ride 6) Mary ___ 15 next year. a) will be b) is going to be c) is being d) is 7) Look at that cloud! It____ soon. a) will rain b) is going to rain c) is raining d) rains 8) I left our car in the garage. The mechanic ____ it tomorrow. a) will fix b) is going to fix c) is fixing d) fixes 9) Peter ____ his doctor next week. a) will see b) is going to see c) is seeing d) sees 10) The train ____ in 10 minutes.Hurry up! a) will leave b) is going toleave c) is leaving d) leaves 11) Everybody knows the Sun ____ in the east. a) will rise b) is going to rise c) is rising d) rises 12) If you ___ paper, it ___ . a) will heat - will burb b) heat - burns c) heat - will burn d) will heat - burns 13) If it ____ cold, we ____ badminton. a) isn't - will play b) won't be - play c) won't be - will play d) isn't - play 14) If we ___ red and white, we ___ pink. a) will mix - will get b) mix - get c) will mix - get d) mix - will get 15) As soon as she____ back, I ____ call you. a) will come - will call b) comes - will call c) will come - call d) comes - call

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