I got promoted: Cause: you worked hard, did a good job, Result: get more responsibility, more stimulating work, stretch yourself, get a pay rise, have more stress, I handed in my notice last week: Cause: old job too menial/new one more stimulating; feeling burned out/stressed/ struggling to cope, no pay rise/chance of promotion; moving, Result: leave your job, I got a pay rise last month: Cause: you do a good job, got a yearly increment, you met targets, Result: feel happy, stay in your job, can afford something you have wanted, I'm getting on-the-job training: Cause: new job/role, Result: improve skills, I actually got made redundant last month: Cause: recession, company losing money/downsizing/outsourcing work to anotheк company/country , Result: lose your job, become unemployed, need to look for a new job/set up your own business, I'm slowly getting the hang of everything: Cause: you gain experience, work hard, Result: you have less stress, keep your job,




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