I'm struggling to cope, to be honest: Cause: too much work, new job or role, problems outside work, difficult work-life balance, Result: you make mistakes, lose your job, hand in your notice, take a step down, My boss never deligates responsibility to the rest of the team: Cause: they don't trust staff, they're controlling/a control freak, Result: can undermine staff, staff have nothing interesting to do, boss may struggle to cope, make mistakes, I'm finding it very rewarding: Cause: you feel you help people, see progress, people are grateful/compliment you, Result: you feel positive about your job and stay in your job, It's really stimulating. I feel I'm really stretching myself: Cause: you do lots of different things, test yourself, Result: you feel positive about your job, stay in your job, I'm finding it quite emotionally draining: Cause: you see lots of upsetting things (doctor/nurse), deal with demanding people/ people with problems , Result: you feel tired/burned out, have less emotion and patience for those outside your job, struggle to cope, The work is pretty menial most of the time: Cause: work is boring, repetitive, easy, Result: it's badly paid, you want to leave, lose confidence (not using your skills), less stress,




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