1) coins or notes that are used to buy things a) money b) passenger c) luggage 2) all the bags that you take with you when you travel a) arrivals b) luggage c) suitcase 3) a small, round piece of metal, usually silver or copper coloured, that is used as money a) passenger b) arrivals c) coin 4) an official document containing personal information and a photograph a) departures b) passport c) newspaper 5) a person who is travelling in a vehicle but is not driving it a) newspaper b) suitcase c) passenger 6) the act of leaving a place a) arrivals b) magazine c) departures 7) a person or thing that comes to a place a) suitcase b) magazine c) arrivals 8) a document published regularly, consisting of news reports, articles, photographs, and advertisements that are printed on large sheets of paper folded together a) newspaper b) money c) suitcase 9) a large container with a handle and often with wheels for carrying clothes while traveling: a) passanger b) suitcase c) magazine 10) a type of thin book with articles and photographs that published every week or month a) future b) travel c) magazine

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