It was a very ____ day. Pip and Popsy wanted to go out and ____. They put on their warm jumpers and their ____ socks and their ____ coats. They put on their ____ boots, their cosy ____ and ____ mittens. Then they went out into the snow. ____ they had lots of fun! They left big ____. They caught snowflakes on their ____. They made snow angels with big ____. They pulled their ____ up to the top of the hill. They zoomed down the ____ and shouted "Wheee!" Then Posy wanted to ____ a snowMouse but Pip ____ to build a snowRabbit. Posy was very ____ at Pip and threw the snowmouse's ____ at Pip. Pip was so cross with Posy that he ____ her very hard. Posy fell into the ____. Now Pip and Posy were very ____ and sad indeed. Then Posy did a very ____ thing. She was sorry for making Pip all ____. And Pip was ____ for pushing Posy. They decided to go ____ where it was warm and cosy. At home they took off their ____ things. They got our their ____ and made mice and rabbits. And they ____ frogs and pigs and birds too.

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