superstitious - Some people are ... about spilling salt on the table, contracted - He ... malaria while he was travelling., shortage - The government admitted that there was a petrol ..., but warned people against panic buying., resilience - The plant fibre has incredible strength and ... ., leveraging - We can gain a market advantage by ... our network of partners., disintegration - He brought back order and strength to a country that was on the edge of ruin and ... ., turmoil - The country is in a state of political ... ., revamp - There is an urgent need to ... those centres in order to improve their performance., mindless - I'm glad we didn't turn into ... zombies., deviates - The recent pattern of weather ... from the norm for this time of year., vigorously - Environmentalists and local government officials have ... opposed the project., roll - If someone does a ... call, they read aloud the names of all the people on the list to make certain that they are present., traumatic - Post-... growth refers to positive personality change following a crisis., scope - We are going to widen the ... of the investigation.,

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