1) Did you know that his dog has had three cute ... ? a) puppy b) puppies c) puppyes d) puppys 2) The Spice girls was an all-girl band so there weren't any... a) men b) man c) mans d) mens 3) Your money __ on the table. a) is b) are 4) I love your hair. __ really soft. a) It is b) They are 5) Give me some ... a) water b) a water 6) Give me ... of water. a) - b) a glass 7) We don't have__ information about your problem. a) any b) some 8) Would you like ... chocolate? a) a piece of b) a 9) I don't want a lot of cream on my strawberries. I want _ cream on my strawberry. a) any b) some 10) Don't put your hot cup on my new table! It's ... and I don't want you to burn it. a) wood b) a wood

13 Countable and uncountable nouns B1 Macmillan Verbitskaya

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